Fri 06/10/2017 17:00pm
The Other Nefertiti

Lecture von Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles

The artists will discuss the role and relevance of the museums as a space of constant negotiation, their inherent ficti- on and colonial patina and the aspects of the digital in decolonization. They will also talk about the past project „The Other Nefertiti“ and the upcoming one „Fossil Futures“ as well as about their practice framed by postcolonial theory more in general, where they focus on the emancipatory and subversive aspect of technology and art.

Nora Al-Badri is a multi-disciplinary artist with a German-Iraqi background. Her practice incorporates interventions and different mediums such as sculpture and installation, photography and film. Al-Badri lives and works in Berlin. Her works got granted by several institutions like Goethe-Institut, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IfA), German Federal Foreign Office and European Cultural Foundation (ECF). Since 2009 she also collaborates with Jan Nikolai Nelles as a collective.

Jan Nikolai Nelles is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Berlin. His artistic practise reflects on the absurdity of the hu- man conditions. His work interferes in social infrastructures by misbehaviour performances or challenges institutions by civil disobedience. His works were granted by several institutions: Goethe-Institute, Institut für Auslandsbezie- hungen (IfA), German Federal Foreign Office and European Cultural Foundation (ECF). Since 2009 he also collaborates with Nora Al-Badri as a collective.

In cooperation with Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art Ljubljana and Drugo more Rijeka.

ORT: Alte Poststr. 152, 8020 Graz, 4. Stock 

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