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Competition: Think Space - Environment


Think Space - Environment
International offener Ideenwettbewerb

Zagreb Society of Architects lobt einen Gebäudetyp unabhängigen, international offenen Ideenwettbewerb aus. Teilnehmen können ArchitektInnen und Studierende.

In unserer kapitalistischen Welt werden kurzlebige Bauten errichtet, die als teure Finanzanlage vermarktet werden. Dieses Vorgehen zieht jedoch eine massive Verschwendung von Ressourcen und Land nach sich. Ziel des Wettbewerbs ist es, dieses System zu durchbrechen.

Abgabe 10.04.2014

Teilnahmegebühr: 50 - 75 EUR
Wettbewerbssprachen: Englisch, Kroatisch


Alain Pilote wrote on an article published in 1994 that reality – the environment – is sacrificed for the symbol – money. And what about all the artificial needs created for the sole purpose of keeping people employed? What about all the paper work and red tape that requires the need for a lot of people, packed in office buildings? What about goods manufactured in order to last as short as possible, in the aim of selling more of them? All that leads to the useless waste and destruction of the natural environment.

Searching alternatives to the ongoing capitalist system, it’s impossible no to think on how it leads and affects environmental issues. Oil energy, water and waste are conducted by economical forces beyond its geopolitical, social, economic and infrastructural implications. The cycle of extraction, production and recycling has demonstrated to be a failed system and some of the worst environmental disasters in the past years are related with industrial models and the micro-politics of economic power. At this point and with the access to information and digital tools, the response to environmental issues have reached the masses to enable new models, ideas and innovative proposals. Thus, it’s worth to think which can be the architectural response to the emerging conditions presented by climate-changed terrains?

Keywords: Waste, water, ships graveyards, environment, post-oil city, environmental disasters.

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Zagreb Society of Architects


Sat 08/03/2014


Zagreb Society of Architects

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Abgabe 10.04.2014

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