Piranesi Award 2018 – Honorable Mention: Basilika Mariazell, Austria, Südturmkammer
Architektur: Feyferlik / Fritzer, ©: paul ott photografiert


Gesamtprojekt Mariazell international gewürdigt

Der Piranesi Award wird jährlich im Rahmen der internationalen Konferenz Piran Days of Architecture an praktizierende Architekten und an Studierende vergeben. Nationale Komitees der neun teilnehmenden Länder (Österreich, Kroatien, Tschechien, Griechenland, Ungarn, Italien, Slowakei, Slowenien und Serbien) ermittelten im Vorfeld 41 Projekte für die Awards 2018. Aus diesen vergab die Jury einen Piranesi Award und zwei Honorable Mentions.
Aus 22 Projekten von zwölf europäischen Hochschulen und Universitäten (Graz, Wien, Spittal, Split, Zagreb, Pescara, Triest, Budapest, Ljubljana, Maribor, Thessaloniki und AA London) eingereichten Arbeiten würdigte die Jury ein Projekt mit dem Piranesi Student Award.
Die Ergebnisse des 30. internationalen Piranesi Awards wurden von der international besetzten Jury unter dem Vorsitz von Eva Mavsar (s. unten) am 16. November 2018 bekanntgegeben.

Members of the jury, traditionally composed of every year Piran lecturers, were:
Valerie Mulvin (McCullough Mulvin Architects, Dublin, president of the jury), Matteo Bolgan, Eduard Callís, Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Gernot Hertl, Palmar Kristmundsson, Niall McCullough, Guillem Moliner, Amir Vuk Zec.

Piranesi Award 2018

  • Galerie n09 - z33
    Hasselt, Belgium, 2018
    Architect: Francesca Torzo
    Genova, Italy
    "The new elements complete the existing in a way that enhances the spatial experience. The jury was positive about inventiveness on two levels: in terms of spatial organization as series of outdoor and indoor spaces and their specific transitions, and very experimental approach to redefine materiality. An outer skin reinterprets the facades of the existing buildings, the new and old melt together seamlessly. Dramatic, complex transitions between the outdoor and indoor provoke you to go inside. The building is part of the city and needs its surrounding to generate its quality." (Text: Jury)

 Piranesi Award 2018 – Honorable Mention

  • Basilica and spiritual house
    Mariazell, Austria, 1992-2018
    Architects: Feyferlik / Fritzer
    Graz, Austria
    "The jury summarizes the project as a collection of radical yet patient interventions into an enormous religious complex over the course of more than two decades. Each task is treated with the same attentiveness, regardless of the importance of the programs such the gallery, corridor or visitor study rooms. The project does not have a common language, but it has a particularity in relation to each event. The jury had noted the authors incorporated “time” into the project." (Text: Jury)
  • Workshop Garage
    Suzzara, Italy, 2016
    Architects: Studiospazio
    Mantova, Italy
    "An elegantly simple solution which suggests far more than the brief. It’s an iconic object well beyond the ordinary. It’s a gesture before architecture. With an ingenious structural solution." (Text: Jury)

Piranesi Award 2018 – Student Honorable Mention

  • Terrain Anamorphosis
    Thessaloniki, Greece, 2018
    Students: Antonia Gerogianni, Zoi-Niki Eleftheriadi
    Mentors: Aleka Alexopoulou, Anastasia-Sasa Lada
    "The jury was positive about the concerns of the students. They were dealing with the problems of the planet survival, such as water salt, olive oil, bees. Water is the sense to this project and at the same time is the engine which transforms the site. The scheme gives you the capacity to dream. The outstanding level of the artistic representation meets smart engineering. Industrial brown fields are given back to the nature and form, and start new life." (Text: Jury)

Shortlist Architektenprojekte

  • Mali arsenal
    Centar za posjetitelje HERA, Zadar, Croatia
    Architects: Iva Letilović, Igor Pedišić
  • The Hug, Housing
    Aghios Ioannis Detis, Naoussa, Paros, Cyclades, Greece, 2017
    Architects: React Architects: Natasha Deliyianni, Yiorgos Spiridonos
  • Hotel Pacherhof
    Oberneustift-Vahrn, Italy, 2018
    Architects: BergmeisterWolf
  • Water Paths
    Renovation of Chryssafitissa Square in Monemvasia Castle, South  Peloponnese, Greece, 2016
    Architects: Elena Zabeli – MoY studio
  • Cemetery in Dolní Břežany
    Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic, 2016
    Architects: Zdeněk Sendler and Radka Táborová / Ateliér zahradní a krajinářské architektury Sendler – Babka

Shortlist Studentenprojekte

  • The conceptual design of the renovation of the Franciscan monastery in Ljubljana, master's thesis, 2018
    student: Andraž Keršič
    Mentor: prof. Maruša Zorec; Co-Mentor: doc. Rok Žnidaršič
  • The public space as an opportunity for the regeneration of the urban resides of the cities through the theme of water
    The case study of the ancient Pignatelli water deposit in Zaragoza, Spain, 2018
    Student: Sara D’Ottavi
    Mentor: Prof. Arch. Alberto Ulisse
  • House of Religions - Hohenems, Austria, 2018
    Student: Anna Breuer
    Mentor: Levente Szabó DLA
  • Valkane Swimming Pool, Pula, Croatia, 2018
    Student: Rudolf Martinović
    Menthors: Tonči Žarnić, Marina Bertina
  • Tanzquartier Ljubljana / Theater Academy Forum
    Student: Saša Sever
    Menthors: Hans Gangoly, Eva Sollgruber

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Gesamtprojekt Mariazell international gewürdigt

Piranesi Award 2018 – Honorable Mention für das Gesamtprojekt Basilika und Geistliches Haus Mariazell.

Der Piranesi Award leitet seinen Namen von Giovanni Battista Piranesi her, der im 18. Jahrhundert als Architekt und Architekturtheoretiker wirkte.
Der Piranesi Award wird jährlich im Rahmen der internationalen Konferenz Piran Days of Architecture an praktizierende Architekten und an Studierende vergeben.

Die Ergebnisse des 30. internationalen Piranesi Awards wurden am 16. November 2018 bekanntgegeben:

Piranesi Award
Galerie n09 - z33
Hasselt, Belgium

Honorable Mention
Basilica and spiritual house
Mariazell, Austria

Honorable Mention
Workshop Garage
Suzzara, Italy

Student Honorable Mention
Terrain Anamorphosis
Thessaloniki, Greece


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