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Sat 29/09/2012 10:00am - 15:00pm
Never again resisdance
In Memoriam Günter Domenig

SteinHaus Workshop and Symposium 2012
The Workshop will investigate the past and current trends of Radical Architecture and the various Forms of Resistance which architects and practices can engage in.

Hitoshi Abe, Chair UCLA, Los Angeles/Sendai, JP
Marcos Cruz, Director Bartlett School of Architecture / London
Hernan Diaz-Alonso, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles / Buenos Aires
Peter Ebner, UCLA, Los Angeles / Munich
Kurt W. Forster, Yale School of Architecture, New Haven, Connecticut
Mark Mack, UCLA, Los Angeles
Thom Mayne, UCLA, Los Angeles / New York
Peter Noever, Curator-at-large, Vienna
Georg Wald, Haus der Architektur, Klagenfurt

This event celebrates the act of architectural resistance in a time of so called austerity and developer-driven expectations.
Is architectural innovation dead? What are the trends of architecture resistance?
Can and should architects engage in socio-cultural change or stick to aesthetic issues?
What is anti-norm of today?
International students, architectural educators and practicing professionals will discuss these issues and more during a workshop and a symposia.
Günther Domenig’s Steinhaus (which numbers among the keyworks of experimental architecture, is one of the most stricting examples of Domenig’s (1934-2012) uncompromising search for an individual form of expression, and also a convincing example for his unabated resistance) presents a unique background for this architectural event “NEVER AGAIN RESISTANCE?” and will examine the role of the architect and what it means to be a student of architecture now.

Ticketreservation for the symposium Sept. 29th
€ 10,- (protective charge, limited tickets):
+43 (0) 4276 25 11 333

Workshop and symposium organized by Mark Mack In collaboration with Sabine Pink
Percept by Mark Mack and Peter Noever
Graphic design by Peter Noever, Thomas Kwapil
Translation by Christopher Roth
Marketing by MF, Andrea Pecile, Erhard Blassnig, Bahnhofstrasse 8, A–9560 Feldkirchen
Organizer: SteinHaus Günther–Domenig–Privatstiftung, Los Angeles / Graz / Wien, 2012

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