m20degree_Antti Laitinen
A landscape work by Antti Laitinen/ Landschaftsintervention von Antti Laitinen, Flachau 2020
©: Renate Mihatsch
Thu 20/01/2022 18:00pm - Sat 22/01/2022 18:00pm
Festival - landscape for contemporary art & architecture

minus20degree  landscape for contemporary art & architecture – is a rare chance to dive into art in public space and to meet the authors, the artists and the initiators. This year even the Swiss artist Roman Signer shows up with one of his performative art actions. Students of Social Design Studios from Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien will deal with the premises of the urbanization of the rural. And not to forget the artists coming from far, to work with the landscape and structures in the Austrian Ski-Hot-Spot Flachau. 


Anna Vasof (AT/GR) 

atelier /// (DE/AT) Katrin Froschauer, Jan Leitner, Valentin Backhaus, Christian Zwerschina 

Collectief Walden (NL & HU)René van Bakel & Thomas Lamers, in Zusammenarbeit mit Luca Borsos, Annelinde Bruijs & Dominic Kraemer

Helga Fanderl (DE)

Martin Breindl und Bernhard Kathan (AT)

Laura Horelli (FIN) 

Roman Signer (CH)

Heidi Specker (DE)

Miriam Hamann (AT)


Full programm as download available


minus20degree landscape for contemporary art & architecture-is an initiative that promotes art and architecture from around the world.The basic elements of m20d are snow and landscape. The intention is to design or stage diverse landscapes with simple interventions and make them accessible to the public. m20d interprets the existing winter landscape as a laboratory, with snow as the primary resource for all expressions of art and architecture.

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